Why Princeps?

From one of the first full-service communication companies in the country, Princeps Advertising became THE agency capable of filling up a gaping hole in the niche of advertising and marketing services in Bulgaria. Our experience over the years has shown us that a in a huge percentage of cases our clients come to us for specific advertising service and during the work in progress, with our help, they detect that they have critical flaws in the way of creating their own product and/or marketing plan. Then they entrust it to us.

That is why Princeps specializes narrowly in creating business strategies which show the only right way a product/service to be positioned on the market. It is possible that you have a ready product that “does not work” in the way you would like it or you have an idea but do not know how to transform it into the perfect product to impose on the market. In both cases you need the right marketing consultants. Even if you think you know everything about marketing or nothing at all – you need the right experienced advertisers.

There are factors that can not be faced by the competition. We have the KNOW-HOW:

• We know the Bulgarian market and its specifics as the palm of our hand.
• We know how humans react to different advertising stimuli and most importantly, why do they react that way. We know what they think, where they go, how they shop.
• We know the media from inside, we understand how media works and what type of advertising is appropriate for each specific target group
• We know the secrets of advertising. We know the details of the sales. Therefore the tactics we rely on are successful.
• We are followers and leaders simultaneously, depending on the situation.
• We foresee the trends and guarantee the success of the campaigns, created by us.
• We have extensive experience based on thousands of projects.
• Unlike the others we can commit to results and we can guarantee success.

Our main features:

• We work much faster than other advertising agencies – no working hours, no days off
• We consult our clients in both cases – they may have a clear idea or they can rely entirely on us.
• We proactively monitor the market and make proposals that would increase sales.
• We have very competitive prices, bonuses and discounts due to stable, long-term partnerships with media and subcontractors.
• We are punctilious about the quality.
• We always give more than what was requested because we love to take care of our clients and they can notice it.

Because our awards speak...

Best Advertising Agency of the year FARA

Best TV campaign of the year "Golden Umbrella" FARA

BEST BRAND 2013 in advertisement

Most effective CSR campaign 2007

1st place at “The BEST OF” awards 2014 - category Advertising

...аnd confession of our customers!

“After working 30 days at Princeps – as a consultant with 25 years of management experience in some of the largest agencies in the US (Saatchi & Saatchi, Bozell, International and RSCG Tatham) – I can without hesitation confirm that the service which the agency provides for the marketing and communication needs of its clients will surpass all their expectations. Besides being professionals, the people at PRINCEPS are very open and it is a true pleasure to work with them. “

Norton O'Meara

Rolf Herzbach

“Hereby I with pleasure recommend Princeps Advertising Agency as a great and very professional partner in marketing and communications. After a highly professional market research, an effective marketing strategy, clear marketing and advertising objectives, creative design and cost-effective production Princeps realized the first fundraising campaign of the Red Cross in Eastern Europe. ”

Rolf Herzbach

(director GRC – Service GmbH, German Red Cross)

Amir Azaria

“Elina Ivanova shares her experience in the most pleasant way, with a lot of patience and ease. She always presents her advices clearly and they have a lot of sense. Elina is a professional in the industry, especially in the promotion of new brands on the market. She can create a proper strategy and plan that surely will work. “

Amir Azaria

(Real estate development consultant at Edifice Architects Pvt. Ltd.)

Philip Kotler (“Father of modern marketing”)

“Elena Marinova knows her marketing. She can convery her knowledge in a well-written and easy-to-comprehend style that will help companies and marketing students achieve sales success in the marketplace. “

Philip Kotler (“Father of modern marketing”)

Ronald Daher

“Elina and her team will stop at nothing to satisfy the wishes of their clients; they often work too hard and permanently exceed the expectations.”

Ronald Daher

(Wellness, Leisure and Recreation Director and Consultant)

Silvia Cherneva

“I know Elina Ivanova for more than four years and I’ve had many times the pleasure of working with her. She is very diligent, well-organized, and incredibly creative and has the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time to meet the set deadlines. She is flexible and devotes herself completely to each project. In addition, she has very good relations with the media, has the ability to write attractive press releases and therefore the organization and realization of the biggest events in the country were entrusted to her and her team. She successfully demonstrates leadership qualities and that is why I strongly recommend her. I would love to give additional recommendations if needed. “

Silvia Cherneva

(Development Manager, Key Success Indicators)