Public relations

Brand Development

Many companies use the extensive PR experience of our team when it comes to promoting their products and services in order to ensure proper communication with the press as well as with their clients and partners. Princeps has built closer relations with the media, with government officials and various other institution representatives.

Our PR team will assist you in organizing interviews with the management of your company as well as adequate submission of information and news to the media. The activities of the company inevitably provide a sufficient amount of news that can be used in writing and submitting press releases. The PR materials prepared by us are distributed to pre-approved lists of specialized and general media journalists.

  • Consultations
  • Creation of a brand development plan
  • Corporate image maintenance
  • Communication with various audiences on behalf of the company
  • Media coverage of public appearances
  • Preparation of some corporate presentations
  • Organization of interviews with the company management
  • Preparation and distribution of press information, news, comments and positions
  • Crisis management
  • Organization of corporate events
  • Press Monitoring*

Press Monitoring

The press monitoring is a service that gives you the opportunity to keep track of the media activity of your competitors, but also to exercise control over your own media policy. Princeps offers this service in several varieties: Press monitoring of direct competitors; Press monitoring of the market segment; Press monitoring following an assigned keyword or topic; Press monitoring of your advertising or PR campaign

The press monitoring after the event is a service that will give you information on all the publications in the media for specified period of time in which the event, the product or your company are mentiones. We recommend you the period that will be monitored to be a minimum of two and a maximum of six weeks after the event. The monitoring is prepared on the basis of keyword or topic. The ways in which the monitoring is transmitted are two – in electronic form or on paper folder.