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Below mentioned numbers are statistics from 1991 up to date.

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Princeps Advertising Agency is a full-service communication agency with more than 30 years of experience on the Bulgarian market. Princeps has always been one of the top advertising agencies in the country. The success of our clients today, as well as decades ago, is the best reference you can find for our work. From companies with centenary history to newly created products and services for start-up companies, here you will find clients from different sizes and from all business fields, united by the desire to be the best.

What can we offer you?

If you consciously browse our website, you probably have realized the need for professional support on your way to success. Still at the beginning, we want to assure you that you are in the right place. To create advertising is not a single winning act and all who understand it are aware of the proper way of doing successful business. When a new product or service is launched, small or large details in its marketing are omitted quite often, or a strategy for such is missing at all, which subsequently leads to an absolute impossibility of achievement of its real potential.

Our team of marketing consultants will offer you advice with care and diligence. We will show you the right steps and will perform them so as you can imagine your success. We will find and correct errors and gaps in your marketing strategy and make up the deficiencies. We will plan together the winning moves, and then we will play them in the most glamorous way.

Since Princeps uses a plurality of standard and custom advertising and PR tools, we will choose the most accurate and include them in a well-planned marketing strategy for you. With the right strategy, even with very modest budget, we guarantee you to reach your target audience in the most efficient manner.

The advantage of Princeps is in the way we provide personalized service experience for each individual client, understanding the individual needs, working to achieve specific objectives. We are not just an advertising agency. We do NOT work on the conveyor belt. In addition to our strong creative team, we possess a well-diversified portfolio and lasting partnerships, which give us the confidence of  being Princeps* (*first among equals).


Princeps Advertising Team consists of ambitious professionals in the corporate and product marketing, sales and media planning as well as a Creative team with extensive experience in the Bulgarian market. Our agency is divided into four major departments – Marketing department, Creative department, PR & BTL department and Clients Department.

Elina Ivanova is the Owner and General manager of Princeps Advertising Agency since 2008, when the management of the family company is assumed by the second generation advertisers. She is a certified specialist in advertising management, graduated from Visual Arts department, major Advertising management. She is marketing and PR strategies consultant at corporate level. She had undergone dozens or prestigious courses of advertising and marketing training with world leaders in the last ten years. Coordinator of national and international business projects and trainings in the field of communications, local government, economy, culture and more.


Elina Ivanova

Owner/ General Manager/ Art Director

Owner/ General Manager/ Art Director

Elina Ivanova


• Manages a team of employees and supervises the workflow of the departments
• Creates annual work plans, communication programs and marketing strategies
• Prepares detailed preliminary cost estimate for a campaign or special event
• Creates radio and television advertising scripts, advertising messages and scenarios for special events
• Actively participates in the process of generating ideas and determines how they implement the overall strategy
• Identifies market trends and analyzes the behavior of competitors
• Plans, creates and monitors advertising and PR activities of the clients
• Develops brand positioning and specific messages about the products
• Coordinates the communication between clients and media, government and others
• Provides professional advice in advertising and PR field

Senior Graphic Designer

Yordan Lazov

A talented graphic designer with over 10 years experience in graphic and web design. Software skills: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign / Adobe Flash / Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe AfterEffects/ 3D Studio Max / MS Office

• Creates graphic design for any type of printed material
• Participates in the creative process in the creation of concepts and messages
• Creates full corporate identity and brand book for it
• Creates and maintains web and multimedia projects – web banners, presentations, videos, viral, special effectsСтранира и прави предпечатна подготовка
• Prepares specific files for branding of buildings, structures, vehicles, etc.
• Makes 3D visualizations and 3D modeling
• And more: photography, video assembling, drawing, typography

Director Client Department

Marta Neshova

Graduated from Public Relations, Journalism and Mass Communications. Previous experience in: TV7, BTV Media Group, PRO BG, Sign Café, M3 communications, Draft FCB.

• Plans, organizes, manages and controls the marketing initiatives
• Collects and analyzes data related to the specific market in relation to consumption, demand, supply, macroeconomic environment, competition, development, innovation
• Creates and manages marketing researches, analyzes data, evaluates market share, sales potential and marketing conditions for the company’s products
• Creates and implements company’s marketing strategy and policy
• Prepares an annual marketing budget, including for specific events and campaigns
• Manages the communication between Princeps team and client’s team
• Distributes the tasks in across departmental lines, coordinates the work of graphic and web designers and subcontractors
• Controls proper implementation of individual campaigns
• Performs strategic media planning
• Maintains contact with the media and negotiates PR activities

Public Relations Manager

Peter Duchev

Duties and responsibilities:
• Develops a marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics
• Develops media relations strategy for print, broadcast and online media
• Coordinates all public relations activities
• Coordinates the activities related to publications in social media
• Manages media inquiries and interview requests
• Creates content for press releases
• Monitors, analyzes and communicates PR results to the clients
• Evaluates opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising
• Maintains a keen understanding of industry trends making appropriate recommendations regarding communication strategy surrounding them
Production Manager

Ivan Georgiev

Duties and responsibilities:
• Selects and offers products to clients’ needs
• Prepares budgets, negotiates and agrees budgets and deadlines with clients, printing houses / subcontractors and installers
• Prepares schedules for workq closely monitors task system
• Supervises installers’ groups
• Prepare specifications of the production
• Communicates with printing houses, factories and other subcontractors to collect the offers, terms and prices of production materials
• Remains in contact with clients or respective account managers of the Agency for the provision of specific projects;
Account Executive

Avgustina Daskalova

Duties and responsibilities:
• Liaise between clients and departments / employees of the Agency by maintaining regular contact with both sides, ensuring that communication flows effectively
• Organizes and participates in meetings / client meetings to discuss and set the tasks requested by them
• Works with subcontractors in the development of advertising campaigns that meet the requirements and budget of the client
• Presents ideas for campaigns and budgets to the client
• Works with media, creative and research staff, as well as helps for the marketing strategies creation
• Presents the performed work to the clients for its approval or modification
• Monitors the campaign efficiency and submit reports to the client
• Takes care of attracting new projects for the agency
Events Manager

Nikolina Mihaylova

over 10 years experience in event management.

• Plans and supervises special events
• Manages BTL campaigns and promotions
• Coordinates the promoters
• Moderates press conferences
• Prepares detailed budgets for events
• Makes monitoring and evaluation after the event

Marketing manager

Ana Valentinova

Ana has many years of experience in marketing and commercial management especially in foreign markets, she began its partnership with Princeps in 2014 as a marketing manager.Expert in trade, she has been working a long time in marketing and sales as a manager for LVMH group. She passed a number of training courses related to marketing and market positioning, customer service, financial planning.TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES:• Monitors the status and trends of the markets and the prices of similar goods and services• Prepares marketing strategies• Performs marketing researches, prepares and provides regular information about their condition and development trends• Examines data on competitive manufacturers• Collects, summarizes and analyzes information about prices• Advises clients on positioning of the product/service on the market• Prepares offers for subscription services
Copywriter/ Editor/ Content Manager

Elena Petkova

Duties and responsibilities:
• Presents ideas and concepts for integrated advertising campaigns
• Writes texts for PR publications and articles
• Edits the content of all creatives / advertising materials
• Creates content for radio and TV advertising spots
• Creates names, slogans and corporate messages
• Writes different creative options that can be presented to the client as a storyboard
• Creates and manages pages in all social media for the clients
• Writes content for personal and corporate blogs
• Maintains corporate web pages for the client
Director Department Web Development

Alexander Evtimov

Duties and responsibilities:
• Prepares budgets for web projects and creates an action plan
• Sets tasks to a team of programmers and monitors the development stages of each project
• Sets tasks to a team of web designers for visual design creations
• Responsibile for maintaining and expanding clients’ websites
• Creates website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices
• Integrates data from various back-end services and databases
• Gathers and refines specifications and requirements based on technical needs
• Establishes and maintains software documentation
• Informs and raises his skills and those of the web team in connection with emerging technology / industry trends and apply them in operations and activities