October 15, 2022 btalvi

Grand Hotel Therme

The Grand Therme Resort, which stands as the preeminent spa complex in the Balkans, has recently commenced operations. It is our utmost honor and privilege to announce that Princeps Advertising Agency has been chosen by the Grand Hotel Therme to oversee its comprehensive communication services. It is worth noting that the Grand Hotels chain remains among our most cherished clients, with whom we have cultivated a profound partnership over the course of several years.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the hospitality sector, we have formulated a clear plan of action and devised a myriad of creative ideas and innovative solutions pertaining to the preparation of the resort’s launch, the development of its corporate identity, and the efficacious communication of its brand to target audiences.

With a view to propelling our newest client’s brand to soaring heights, we have charted out a phased implementation of our communication strategy, which aims not only to create a brand of unparalleled distinction, fortified by a resolute image, that will captivate and retain more guests but also to penetrate a new market niche – property investment. The Grand Hotel Therme offers patrons an opportunity to acquire property within the resort. Our contribution to the resort’s investment program is predicated on the advertising strategy we have devised, which accentuates the singular advantage that distinguishes the resort from all others – the chance to invest and simultaneously acquire a coveted spa vacation spot.

Prior to the official opening of the resort, our team is fully engrossed in the design and creation of various printed materials, which include, among other things: • a luxurious catalog that showcases the resort’s unique features and offerings • exquisite business cards for the resort’s staff • a captivating photo session of the complex’s splendid interior and exterior spaces • bespoke branded products that are essential to ensuring the resort’s seamless and flawless functioning

Of course, the task of designing and developing the resort’s corporate website, which represents a veritable masterwork, has been entrusted to the programmers at Princeps Advertising Agency. The website, which is characterized by its user-friendliness, organization, pristine design, and stunning interactive menus, can be accessed in its entirety at https://grandhotel.bg/. Here, guests can avail themselves of the opportunity to book their dream vacation for themselves and their loved ones, or even purchase their very own vacation home.