Marketing strategies

We will give you advice for the planning of every move of constructing the image of your brand, promoting it and achieving the desired sales or other targeted results. A well done strategic planning inevitably leads to a higher return on investment.

Many companies do not create their marketing departments, knowing that they can rely on external consultants in the field of marketing. Princeps is a reliable partner in this case, as well as in the cases when your marketing department needs adequate and professional advice.

The marketing strategy, research and analysis play an important part in the full communication services. They are our point of reference in terms of establishing a stable imposing and/or market presence.

The first thing we will do when you contact us, will be to create for you a unique strategy. Combining our expertise with your wishes, we will build a communication plan that will lead us towards the goal. Since we all live and work in a very dynamic environment, we strive to always be one step ahead, predicting next moves – not only yours, but also those of competitors and consumers.

If you want to take things even deeper – we can offer the preparation of a full marketing strategy. This tool is essential at the start, for the development and growth in any business. That’s why you can count on us for external marketing support.

The marketing strategy describes any positive and negative influences on your business, taking into account the internal company situation and the environment, but also all the possible factors that affect or could affect your goals. We refer not only to your opinion, but do our own and independent (expert) analysis and research.

We start with:

  • analysis of the environment – market and competitors research
  • analysis of the economic and social environment
  • detailed study of direct competitors and their products
  • SWOT analysis revealing strengths and weaknesses of the organization as well as of the potential opportunities and threats, analysis of company policies and attitudes of managers
  • internal analysis – what are the strategies employed so far, what are the guidelines and objectives that have been followed, what was the communication strategy and how successful and adequate was it on the basis of the capacity owned by the organization.

After the analytical part the next step is drawing the roadmap of the company – setting clear and measurable objectives, as well as the establishment of mechanisms for control over their implementation. These goals will lay the foundation for the establishment of genuine communication strategy. Our ability to properly read the signs gives us confidence that we do not just create and describe understandably your communication strategy and USP (Unique Selling Proposition), but also to advise you regarding your product, pricing and distribution policy.

Designing the strategy is a big responsibility and that is why our attention is always directed entirely towards the client and his vision for business development, each stage is discussed and any further step is justified. We consider the case of each client not generally but individually – finding, studying and following the specific needs at that moment. This is the cornerstone on which starts the creation of the detailed advertising strategy.