Back in 1990 the prominent marketing professional Elena Marinova and few specialists in the field of advertising decided to join their efforts with the ambition to offer to the still venture off the beaten path market the best possible services in the communications field. For this purpose, they founded one of the first advertising agencies in Bulgaria – Princeps Advertising.


Princeps Advertising Agency was officially entered in the Commercial Register. After several successfully completed projects, the work environment has become increasingly dynamic and the need for advertising agencies has become noticeable in the market. The first campaigns started in the media.


Princeps Publishing House printed dozens of books in the field of Advertising, Marketing, Economics, Politics, Business Relations, Innovation, Patent Law, Corporate Management and many others.


1993-on-the-roadOn several occasions, the agency increased its team and after four years on Varna’s market it made a logical step to Sofia, where it started working with its first international clients


electionBy implementing an exceptionally creative integrated PR campaign created and carried out by the team of Princeps, one of the main political parties won the elections.


pizza-hutPrinceps acquired a huge portfolio of clients, which includes some of the largest leading companies in the market currently. World famous companies such as Danone, Pizza Hut and United Biscuits became clients of the agency.


trophy-award-iconThe agency won the Council of Ministers contest for information and awareness campaign for the mass privatization.

Elena Marinova became co-founder and manager of the second of its kind in the country union of advertising agencies – the Association of Advertising Agencies and Professionals. Its members struggled to create conditions for civilized advertising market in Bulgaria. They said they would work against unfair competition and monopoly in the market.

Princeps realized a very successful large-scale campaign for Boehringer Ingelheim.


97The Agency kept gaining strength obtaining new clients such as Formula 1 / Toyota / Renault / Lukoil


1998The situations perceived as problematic by others, for us are simply disguised opportunities. A striking example of this is the emblematic campaign for children-orphans that Princeps created for the Bulgarian Red Cross. Extremely successful for its time, it is one of the most powerful social advertising campaigns ever made in Bulgaria, and it is remembered until this day.


1999In addition to acquiring a huge portfolio of clients, which include some of the largest leading companies in the market, the agency placed in its history major firsts and awards such as “Agency of the Year”, “Best Media Campaign”, “TV spot of the year “,”Most successful PR campaign”.


2000-grantsThe giants of Grants trusted the expertise of the advertising specialists from Princeps for full communication service and together created a massive advertising campaign that flooded the country via all communication channels


2001The agency won Albena’s Media Festival Golden umbrella award for best advertising video clip of the year.


2002-ecco-internationalPrinceps became an affiliate of ECCO international and thus attracted a more diverse clientele.


2003Exceptionally strong year for our advertising and publishing departments. During the Book Fair, one of our publications, The Spirit of the Lion won the first prize for the best graphic design. The book was sent as an acknowledgement to the 50 largest libraries in the world.


pharmacy-logo-300x225Princeps narrowly specialized in health management and preparation of all types of promotional activities in the pharmaceutical sector. Due to the large portfolio of clients in this industry who have entrusted to Princeps Advertising their full communication services, the need for simultaneously provided professional PR services appeared. The professionals went through a lot of training to be fully prepared in their role as consultants.


screenshot_4Multinational giant companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline and Gedeon Richter became key clients.


screenshot_5Giant companies Sopharma, Roch and Actavis joined Princeps rich portfolio. Over the past two years /from 2003 to 2005/ there is almost no major company in the pharmaceutical industry, which has not confided in the professional services of the agency.



The giant pharmaceutical company Bayer joined our portfolio for full services.


Princeps management is assumed by second generation of advertisers. At the head of the company stood Elina Ivanova, daughter of the founder, who extended the range of services offered by the agency transforming it from advertising agency into full communication services agency.

The focus is on a combination of standard advertising, specialized consulting services in the field of public communications, пanagement of special events and use of the techniques of guerilla marketing /unconventional approaches/.

The agency enjoyed new clients such as Casino Planet, Tishman International, Business Forum and Everet with the brands BOSS, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, D&G, Gucci, Maxfactor.



A year, remembered by all with the word CRISIS. But definitely not by us! Several glamorous special events, dozens of promotional campaigns, hundreds of PR articles – the year was filled with hard work, but also with much satisfaction.

The events for Fashion TV (FTV) and Marseille Bar & Dinner, the first of its kind unconventional political campaign in the country, created by Princeps, the innovative solutions for New Water Company and World Class Health Academy and last but not least the endless tasks for the full services to Holding Florimont will remain in the history.



The year was associated with a wide variety of projects that enjoyed the expected success. We were fortunate to organise one of the most spectacular fashion events – the 20th anniversary of the trendsetter PIERLUCCI, to work on the image of the first ever Bulgarian team, which was preparing for the Dakar race, to create the first Bulgarian VIRAL – for the nuts Kakino Tane, to help our friends from Florimont to sell ahead of schedule two new facilities with a very memorable campaign, to flood the whole city of Sofia with the visions of Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Bvlgari, to be part of the artists, selected by Mtel Masters jury to be nominated for the articles in our favorite blog and many more interesting ventures.


2011This year we worked with an entirely new approach. PROACTIVENESS. We were brimming with ideas and inspiring our clients with them. The projects became more interesting. At the beginning of the year among our new clients were:

Night Flight

  • No mercy club
  • Runway club
  • Fox & Hound Bar & Dinner
  • Roslin Park
  • European Trade Center
  • BOMAR Group.

Later in the year our advertising family was joined by

  • Lex consulting
  • Source Real Estate consulting
  • SpaBlue
  • Charmant
  • Ladies’ point
  • Beauty boutique K.
  • Oasis Beauty Studio
  • Love city Bar
  • Kolikovski hotel
  • Bullgarian Trading Group

In September-October we implemented a highly successful unconventional campaign during the municipal elections.



We said goodbye to 2012 with so much enthusiasm and plenty of great new clients:

We created the brand of the largest sports center on the Balkans –  Pulse Fitness & Spa

  • spa studio Dzen Spa
  • investment and consulting company –  PLH Invest, project Mam’s & Me center Varna
  • Foros – real estate company
  • the newest Bar & Dinner in Sofia downtown – La Scalla
  • Sport Deport shops chain
  • the pharmaceutical giant Sopharma
  • pharmaceutical company Libra
  • Emirates Apart Residence – the most luxurious apartment hotel in Bulgaria




2013 was the most abundant year full of diverse projects! During the 12 months we worked over:

Full communication services to our new clients:

  • construction and investment company City of Fountains
  • the luxurious Italian restaurant Rose Restaurant & Pizza
  • Grand Hotel Bansko
  • Rococo night club
  • Pulse Fitness & Spa clubs chain
  • Copycom photocopying centers

We developed a new corporate identity for

  • Crystal Crown Sunny Beach casino
  • Smart Metal Group metals trading company
  • Sollers Solutions real estate consulting company
  • Arena it company for fuel supply

We implemented plenty of marketing and PR campaigns:

  • Spa Blue spa centres
  • male fashion brand Pierlucci
  • International Asset Bank
  • Bulgarian posts
  • Crystal Crown Casino Sunny Beach
  • Red House Restaurant
  • Bar&dinner La scalla 2
  • Angel Spa Beauty salons
  • Maxfight Production company, organizer of MMA gala dinners
  • Russian Federation of hand-to-hand combat
  • Bulles woodworking company
  • “G. S. Rakovski” National Defence Academy
  • Union of the Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities
  • Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology
  • Salex – Furniture, boards and mechanisms
  • FlexSpace – Furniture, boards and mechanisms



One of the most interesting years for our agency. The world is increasingly using digital services, so Princeps Advertising launched its narrow specialized Digital Division.

At the same time, the agency has entered deep into the marketing of chain hotels, restaurants, nightlife, fitness, spa centres as well as in the marketing of a range of products and services following the state-of-the-art BIO trend in the last years.

We worked for dozens of companies such as Advance Real Estate, Bower Properties, Decathlon, Fine Line, Capital City Center, Care Direct, Izmir spa, Sherita, My biohouse, Multiband as well as “undercover” for several leading political parties. We implemented many special events, even we had the honor to organize a concert of the Bulgarian pop diva Lili Ivanova.



Do the following brands sound familiar? International Asset Bank, Drink&Drive, Rock Music Band Mastilo,  Red Apple Bar&Dinner, Happy&Healty, HightStreet point, ADVA – the future of water, Carra Baby, Concierge, Flex, ММ аuto, Bee green, Irun, Lonyra Furniture, Marmo Bar&Dinner, Agarta CM and so on … The common between them all is that they entrusted their marketing and promotional activities to us Princeps



2016 was an interesting year full of diverse projects. We had to simultaneously work on the advertising services of fundamentally different clients:

  • Fitness clubs and spa centres Pulse Fitness, The little Gym, Victoria Spa, Spa blue, Marina Spa
  • insurance brokers MM auto and Interprima
  • fashion brands Bugatti, Piеrlucci, Victoria Carlo and Carra Concept
  • Music company BG Music Channel, as well as the musicians kакто 100 kila, Dimchou, Zippo&Slash, Flex and other
  • Unicredit Bulbank, OglediBg, KANGEN, water Bachkovo, holding Peshtera, Assics and many more diverse small and large projects



Today we are pleased to introduce you a full communication service agency with a rich history, a lot of experience and always fresh ideas, combined with a client approach which you can not find elsewhere.