As people are inundated with countless advertising messages via all sorts of communication channels, it is essential exactly your ad to be made so as to catch the attention of the addressee and keep it on itself to encourage him to act.

The experience of our professionals, combined with individual creative approach to different projects are key to the success of numerous campaigns created by the team of Princeps.


  • Creating a corporate identity – logo, slogan, overall corporate vision + branding / rebranding
  • Building a brand image, advising on market positioning
  • Building a full advertisement strategy
  • Media planning and buying
  • Creation radio advertising scripts and recording radio advertising spots
  • Creation of a storyboard and filming of television commercials
  • Shooting/audio recording and post-production of television, radio spots and video presentations
  • Organization of casting, professional photo shoot and processing of the pictures
  • Graphic design – layout, prepress and production of all types of advertising materials
  • Web projects

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Advertising campaigns

Princeps skillfully makes use of all the communication channels and tools as well as a large dose of creativity to create for your company the next most important strategy after marketing – namely the advertising. It describes the approaches, messages and specific media. We can offer both short and long-term strategies for advertising, as well as concepts for the realization of image, product, social or unusual advertising, samplings, promotions at the point of sale and others.

When we create campaigns for our clients, we always take into consideration the recent studies concerning trends in advertising.

Graphic design

Graphic design is the foundation of any well-executed visual advertising campaign. 50% of creative advertising consists of a clever idea, 40% is graphic design and the remaining 10% is split between the correct positioning and marketing.

Our team of graphic designers will prepare for you a creative project, will make the necessary prepress and using a production manager, will monitor the process of making any type of advertising visuals you need. We have extensive experience with more than 12,000 various graphic designs in the history of the agency.

We can prepare for you:

  • Graphic design of logos
  • Graphic design of packaging – bottles, boxes, bags, caps, labels
  • Graphic design visions for outdoor advertising – billboards, megaboard, mesh, citylights, turbot, etc.
  • Graphic design visions for print advertisements – editorial, creative visions, articles for magazines and newspapers
  • Graphic design visions for promotions – posters, brochures, flyers, vouchers, coupons
  • Graphic design visions for restaurants – menus, place mats, pyramids, signs
  • Graphic design visions of events – invitations, envelopes, walls of fame, roll banners, badges
  • Graphic design visions for corporate materials – business cards, letterheads, notebooks, calendars

As well as projects for branding of:

  • indoor and outdoor spaces
  • advertising facilities
  • stands
  • cars, buses, trucks
  • clothes
  • souvenirs

Branding & Installation

We know no limitations for the things we can brand for you. From rice grain to building facade, regardless of the material, size, shape and dimensions, we guarantee excellence and precision of execution. We offer full service in the field of branding – graphic design, project – visualization, support for the need of earning permits for installation and disassembly

  • Branding of interior spaces – walls, ceilings, mirrors, frames
  • Branding of outdoor spaces – facades, roofs and storefronts
  • Branding of any kind of advertising facilities: billboards /pizza, scroller/, megaboard, turbot, building frames, citylights /panels/, bus stops, Vienna and other columns
  • Branding of cars, buses, trucks and vehicles of public transport and mobile structures
  • Branding of clothing – T-shirts, shirts, aprons, hats, gloves and other
  • Branding of souvenirs – notebooks, pens, folders, business card holders, rubber bracelets, etc.
  • Ambient advertising /Customised solutions – such as branding billboards with elements out of the framework /

We also offer elaboration according to previous project and installation of:

  • all kinds of foils and vinyls
  • advertising boards
  • neon signs
  • LED signs
  • volumetric letters
  • lightboxes
  • totems
  • banners
  • flags
  • and others.

Corporate identity creation

A popular saying states that a person should not stop working for his name at least until it begins to work for him.

We can help you create your own unique corporate identity by offering not only inventing and building it, but providing all necessary documents relating to patents and copyrights.

We can invent the right name for your product or service, create a logo, branding or rebranding all necessary materials and spaces, and then work on imposing the brand in the market.


  • creation of a name
  • logo design
  • creation of CID (corporate identity guide)
  • slogan creation
  • elaboration of a full corporate documentation – business cards, letterheads, corporate materials and packaging
  • branding of office space, cars
  • making corporate boards
  • making website in line with the corporate identity

Creation of TV&Radio spots

Leave to us the pleasure to make for you the most creative advertisement!

We have extensive experience working with professional camera crews and actors and actresses who will revive our written on paper/storyboard ideas for you to make your video to outline in the ocean of advertisement that floods us from all sides. We also have teams in postproduction, which will take care of bringing the raw material into a finished product

Each media has its own specific requirements regarding the clips that are rotated in airtime, which is why we have taken care to provide closed-loop services.


  • copywriting – creating scenarios/variants of radio spots
  • recording radio spots with professional actors
  • budgeting and media planning in radio with preferential prices and discounts
  • sound design, mastering and audio effects (assembly of backing music)

TV / Video:

  • copywriting – creating a script and storyboard for TV clip
  • budgeting and planning of postproduction
  • select location + permits for access
  • casting for selection of advertising faces
  • provision of full camera crew – directors, assistants, lighting, set designers, choreographers, stylists, makeup artists and other
  • provision of the necessary filming equipment
  • shooting a TV spot
  • shooting a video for internet + color processing, sound and assemblying of advertising elements
  • processing of the video – color correction, sound and assemblying of advertising elements
  • subtitling, translation,
  • computer animation and visual effects
  • media planning for televisions with preferential terms and discounts
  • export of materials for web, TV, film tape, etc.

Media planning & Media buying

Princeps performs media planning and buying of advertising time and space in electronic media – television, radio, press, internet, also in the public transport, metro stations as well as of all types of equipment for outdoor advertisement.

Media planning and buying must be made on a principle Effect for Minimum Cost.

The introduction of a new product nationwide usually requires the use of appropriate combined set of communication channels for its successful launching. The product should be presented on the principles of B2B marketing as well as to the end user.

We offer you a detailed media planning according to matching your product to its target market as well as the reservation and buying of selected positions in specific media, accompanied by preferential agencies discounts and bonuses.

There are many ways one advertising message to reach its precise addressees. The specialty of Princeps is the choice of the most appropriate means of communication and form within the given budget limitations.

As we are fully aware of the risks that accompany each investment, we would never lead our client to financial wastefulness. For each client a specific budget is prepared in relation to the planned campaign and the means available for it. We invest the entrusted to us budgets as if they were our own.

We provide media planning for:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Facilities for outdoor advertisement
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Mobile Devices
  • Video screens
  • Monitors in public buildings
  • Fame Cards
  • Transport advertisement
  • Subway advertisement
  • Items for branding in public buildings/stops
  • Bluetooth servers

We RENT all types of facilities for outdoor advertisement:

  • Billboards / pizza, scroller /
  • Megaboards
  • Turbot
  • Roof spaces
  • Mesh
  • Citylights / panels /
  • Bus stops
  • Panels for mobile /walking/ advertisement
  • Vienna columns and others.

Production of ad materials

We offer a full range of printing services + finishing works:


  • Large format printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Digital printing
  • Roller printing
  • Pad printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Flexographic printing
  • Screen printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Transfer Printing
  • Direct printing
  • Sublimation printing
  • Dry Embossing
  • Production of large signs made of polypropylene, polystyrene, etalbond and other