September 15, 2015 princeps

An Addition to the Portfolio of Prinseps: Lonyra Furniture – A Novel Enterprise

We take great pleasure in communicating to you the fact that we have augmented our advertising repertoire with a new enterprise – Lonyra Furniture.

Lonyra Furniture initiated its enterprise in Sofia in the year 2003. Through years of tenacious labor and collaboration with customers, Lonyra has evolved into an emblem of excellence and novelty in the domain of furniture industry. Their fundamental aim is to ensure the satisfaction of their customers in the long run. Emulating the latest trends in the furniture industry and leveraging their acumen and expertise in this realm, Lonyra Furniture aspires not solely to fashion furniture, but rather to instill a sense of comfort and warmth within every abode.

“Your imagination is merely the prelude” – this forms the nucleus of their vocation as it pertains to their client base.

At Prinseps, we endeavor to render all feasible assistance towards bolstering the prospects of Lonyra Furniture. To this end, we shall commence by crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy, refurbishing the website, designing billboards, and directing the course of outdoor advertising.