August 2, 2011 princeps

Princeps Advertising and Panthenol advertising campaign

Princeps Advertising proved once again to be the right choice when it comes to conducting namashtabna advertising campaign.

Our friends Chauvin Ankerpharm trusted completely on our team for organizing the summer advertising campaign of their product and the elaboration of promotional materials. However, to be called a major campaign, we made radio and television advertising. Thus promoted at 9 marine cities /Obzor, Byala, Varna, St. Constantine and Elena, Zlatni Piasatsi, Albena, Kavarna, Shabla/ also by radio and television spots, our partners from Panthenol achieved wide popularity. During the advertising campaign from June to August 2011 we gave away 30,000 gifts and countless smiles.

Panthenol shall be used for superficial injuries and skin burns. Panthenol spray is fine, soft foam that is easily applied to the skin, absorbs quickly and does not irritate the painful skin areas. In the case of sunburn, pantothenic acid, as well as the vitamins that are contained in the spray, contribute to the rapid treatment of affected skin areas. The healing properties of panthenol make it equally suitable for skin care of babies, children and adults. You can find it in the pharmacies. The product has guaranteed effect and it is proven to help!