December 30, 2013 princeps

Princeps Advertising organised the concert of the Prima of Bulgarian music – Lily Ivanova

A magnificent Christmas concert featuring the legend of Bulgarian pop music, Lili Ivanova, took place on the evening of December 28th to 29th at the Grand Hotel Bansko. The event was part of the Grand Hotel Bansko’s “Top Winter Events” initiative, which over the past few weeks has brought together our best and established performers, actors, and athletes under the roof of the hotel’s event hall.

A one-hour documentary film titled “Unexplainable,” dedicated to Lili Ivanova, was broadcasted on national television just hours before the concert, which further contributed to the electrifying atmosphere in the hall. It was packed with eager fans who whispered to each other, their hairs standing on end from the presence and incredible voice of Lili.

Elegant and tireless, as always, she sang for almost two hours and repeatedly brought over 500 people in the hall to their feet.