January 6, 2017 princeps

New Year – new client! Welcome, The Little Gym!

Introducing The Little Gym, a world-renowned program for children’s group activities and meaningful recreation, now poised to make its debut in the Bulgarian market. With a presence in over 300 proprietary clubs worldwide, this exclusive program is unlike any other, offering a range of experiential learning and physical activities for children between four months and 12 years of age.

More than a mere space for sports and games, The Little Gym’s innovative approach is geared towards developing children’s motor skills, stimulating their cognitive abilities, fostering socialization, promoting teamwork, cultivating emotional intelligence, building self-confidence, strengthening parent-child bonds, and so much more!

We are honored to have been selected by The Little Gym as their marketing and advertising consultant for this exciting venture. As we work to develop our market strategy, we recognize the need for meticulous attention to detail, given that Bulgarian consumers have yet to experience such exceptional services. We eagerly anticipate sharing news of our progress, and look forward to seeing the bright smiles of children in our community as they discover the many benefits of The Little Gym program.