May 7, 2022 btalvi

Agarta – a leader in the supply of medical equipment

The esteemed advertising agency “Princeps Advertising” is proud to announce that we have acquired a new client in the medical field – the highly distinguished organization Agarta. As a leader in the importation and distribution of medical devices, drugs, and other healthcare-related products within our nation, Agarta’s presence in the market is truly exceptional.

With our esteemed reputation for excellence in the industry, Princeps Advertising is committed to delivering bespoke advertising materials, designs, and visions that are tailored to meet Agarta’s specific needs and requirements. Given the specialized nature of Agarta’s business, our team has created a series of designs that feature a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, which perfectly embodies the organization’s ethos.

Over the past year, we have had the pleasure of producing several advertising materials for Agarta. These include a stunning billboard to commemorate the organization’s 30th anniversary, a sophisticated folio for branding a commercial facility, as well as a highly effective branding strategy for their vehicle. We take great pride in our collaboration with Agarta and look forward to producing more impactful advertising materials in the future.