June 29, 2009 princeps

We perform first political guerilla in Bulgaria

Another of the projects we implemented was commissioned by the Political Party Lider and Novoto Vreme. The unconventional initiative was launched at the seaside capital – Varna. The main idea was to visualize the voting process and to show that every vote counts and can change the status quo.

The townspeople were surprised by an unusual installation that attracted the attention of not only locals but also many tourists. In a very interesting way the passing were invited to exercise their right to vote at the upcoming parliamentary elections on 5 July 2009.

At Nezavisimost square a “door to nowhere” with the inscription “I do not sell my vote” was installed. Behind the door stood a ten-foot stylized scales with inscription “Parliament”. At both ends two big transparent cubes symbolizing the ballot box stood. On one cube there was inscription “We want change”, the other was symbolically filled with garbage.

Everyone who passed through the door had the opportunity to state their civic position placing the ball in order to tilt the scales with their vote in favor of the change.

The campaign continued in the cities of Plovdiv and Sofia. We hope that with the experience gained over the last 19 years on the Bulgarian market as well as the fresh ideas that we continue to generate, we will be able to implement many innovative successful campaigns for our clients.