March 1, 2015 princeps

Miss Bansko 2015

Princeps Advertising and Disco Club No. 1 in Bansko – Rokoko, once again, organized the prestigious edition of the “Miss Bansko” contest. The competition took place on February 28th, 2015, at the nightclub of Grand Hotel Bansko.

Like every year, the contest consisted of several rounds, with ten beauties vying for the title. The girls paraded with specially crafted dresses for the competition, swimsuits, and formal attire. As part of the program, they had to perform an interesting one-minute act in the field they felt strongest in.

The host of the competition was Vanya Laskarakiyeva, a holder of multiple beauty titles, and the judges included stars from the Alpine skiing disciplines World Cup, as well as designer Milena Velova.