March 13, 2009 princeps

Florimont ‘s choice -Princeps Advertising

The holding company Florimont has entrusted Princeps Group with its entire marketing, advertising, and PR communications, entering into a deal for full communication servicing for the next 5 years.

As part of the first activities that the company must service are the marketing and PR communications for the 4-star mountain resort complex Florimont Hotel & Casino & SPA. The complex is located at the entrance of Bansko – one of the most preferred European winter resorts, and quickly positioned itself in the top 3 of the most preferred and visited resorts.

In addition to it, Princeps Advertising will also work on several other projects in the area – Florimont Casa and Florimont Heights, as well as the holding’s warehouse refrigeration bases in Bansko and Pleven. The creation of a marketing strategy for the real estate project Florimont Mladost – a residential building with office and commercial areas in the city of Sofia – is also planned.

With the implementation of the marketing plan, a large-scale advertising campaign for the object is expected to be realized.